Tentatively titled It Doesn't Matter, I Love You, this five song EP of original music written by Emily Donohue features production and engineering by Robert Cheek of ExEx Studios (Band of Horses, Deftones, Chelsea Wolfe) instrumentation by Mike Sparks Jr. (He Whose Ox Is Gored, By Sunlight, Noonmoon, Doombird), and mastering by Blake Bickel of Dynamic Sound Service.

The East - Emily Donohue
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Goodbye, Stranger - Emily Donohue
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Amidst the Heather - Emily Donohue
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Emerald City Love - Emily Donohue
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It Doesn't Matter, I Love You - Emily Donohue
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“Her deeply personal lyrics…cater to a larger, human audience.” THE WILD


Emily Donohue tells a different story at each milestone in her young career.  The unwavering aspect is relatability.  With a vocal quality that both intrigues and attracts, the subject matter of her songs conjure memories, inspire action, and empathize with our own struggles. 


"She’s able to captivate and articulate perfectly..." THE WILD HONEY PIE


Emily creates a wide appeal in her songs that resists existing in a categorical vacuum.  Her first EP, “I Don’t Know How To Love You, Darling”, released in June of 2015, drew influence from personal experience, and like many artist before, her hometown of Seattle.  The artist was unknown, but the music didn’t seem as such.  Since the release, songs from the EP have been streamed over 1,000,000 times through online platforms, and have been featured on Spotify video web series (Trading Playlists), Filtr Official, and Spotify Official playlists.


“…wields a husky coo that cuts like a switchblade, and a mind just as sharp.”  CITY ARTS


Released in May of 2016, Emily continued to expand on genre with her EP, “Vices”.  A powerful piano ballad compliments a bluesy electric guitar track and strangely folds into a Misfits cover on ukulele.  Emily’s commanding performance never leaves the listener in doubt of the intention, meaning, and artistry behind her songs. 


“Donohue’s truthful and at times dark lyrical poetry is insightful and authentic, immediately connecting listeners with timeless personal themes.” BUZZFEED 


Emily’s live performances have captivated audiences from local Seattle venues to the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  Worldwide, Emily has 65,000 monthly online listeners spanning over 30 countries.  Emily is current working on her third EP – with her growing audience ready to discover, enjoy, and share.


“…here you have Emily, whose couple EPs already sound ready for mass consumption, while feeling incredibly natural and personal.” NORTHWEST MUSIC SCENE



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"Emily Donohue’s rich voice does some seriously heavy lifting on her newest track 'It Doesn’t Matter, I Love You.'” - The Wild Honey Pie

"This 24-year-old singer-songwriter wields a husky coo that cuts like a switchblade, and a mind just as sharp." - City Arts Magazine

"Very few artists hit right out of the gate with as much confidence or creative talent as Donohue.” 

- Northwest Music Scene

“Vices” establishes Emily as a musical force to be reckoned with. Her authentic and fierce songwriting is built on refreshingly simple ideas, executed remarkably well." - Bandcamp Diaries

"Emily Donohue’s second EP Vices is an insight into the psyche of a sensible soul and a portrait of a talented artist. This release is filled to the brim with haunting melodies, heartfelt lyrics and raw vocals that exude emotion.” - BuzzFeed

"The Seattle singer-songwriter is alluring and expressive, as she narrates listeners through “the dark side of humanity, wickedness, cruelty, and love.” - The Permanent Rain Press

"The multi-talented Donohue pours her heart, soul, and straight up solid musicianship into her sultry, honest vocals...this is an EP that sounds like it could be a forgotten work of Adele’s. " - Northwest Music Scene

"Support each other's success."

- Friday Feature by Jesse Lacy

"Emily Donohue's music has soul beyond her years." - The WILD Magazine

Do206 sat down with Emily Donohue to talk about her favorite Seattle spots, creeping after other people's dogs, and how one show changed her life. - Do206

"Seattle indie pop songstress Emily Donohue has released her debut EP...that is folksy, charming and eloquent."

- The Permanent Rain Press